Alexandra K - available for charter Alexandra K
Number of guests12
Winter69,000 €
Summer77,000 €
Alexandra - available for charter Alexandra
Number of guests12
Winter165,000 €
Summer215,000 €
Mikrovio - available for charter Mikrovio
Number of guests6
Winter20,000 €
Summer24,000 €
Buzz - available for charter Buzz
Number of guests9
Winter45,000 €
Summer49,000 €


Bandido 75 - for sale Bandido 75
Number of guests8
Price2,650,000 €
MS 33 - for sale MS 33
Number of guests8
Price7,000,000 €
Angel 42M - for sale Angel 42M
Number of guests20
Price9,000,000 €
Angel 51M - for sale Angel 51M
Number of guests10
Price19,000,000 €

1/14/08 1363 0
The sixth unit of the successful Wally 80 is sold and the construction is already under way at WallyEurope facility in Fano, italy, with the delivery scheduled for spring 2009.
12/24/07 2129 3
ISA announces a new commercial result with the sale of the Alexander V, a 48-metre displacement motor yacht in steel and aluminium, which followed a direct transaction between ISA sales manager and a young and dynamic client without intermediaries.
Whight night or another view on the yachting of the future
11/26/07 1637 1
White Night is a 105m yacht with a "petit" superstructure designed in a time of continual size increases which are now resulting in the ultra large mega yachts currently in build. We developed her to express an opinion about this current situation, bigger and bigger boats are reminiscent of the cold war, rather like an arms race! No longer is a 130m yacht so unusual or so impressive. So we thought about an alternative approach, another way for the wealthy among us to express themselves through their yachts.
Thyssenkrupp marine systems presents two striking projects
11/9/07 1999 0
Striker and Lisa are the latest projects by the renowned German shipbuilder Thyssenkrupp Marine Systems.
Yachting developments begins work on its third dubois designed super sloop
11/8/07 1315 0
Yachting Developments has signed a 36 metre Dubois sloop to be completed mid-2008. The yacht, for a southern hemisphere client will be built in composite relying on the expertise, technique and craftsmanship Yachting Developments is re-known for.
A sleek premier 120' grows horizon's megayacht roster
11/6/07 1119 0
The design for the new Horizon Premier 120-foot raised pilothouse motor yacht was born from the need to satisfy Horizon’s ever-increasing international client roster with a sleek but voluminous yacht built on a generous beam and given well-appointed accommodations. The new yacht fills a gap in the megayacht lineup.
Southern wind shipyard presents sw 110 mini-series
11/2/07 1601 0
Following the alluring result achieved with the SW 100 DS – 7 yachts commissioned and built in just 3 years – Southern Wind Shipyard is now proud to present the new SW 110 MINI-SERIES.
Jongert elegantly enters motor yacht market
10/29/07 1492 0
Sophisticated in her appearance, the new JONGERT 3900MY demonstrates thrilling top speed and power in a gentleman's yacht. The sleek lines in this aluminium semi displacement, twin screw, fast cruiser unite with ingenious hydrodynamics. Thorough tank testing results in a hull form that ensures a fast and stable ride, keeping decks dry while generating lift at high speeds. Zero speed stabilisers guarantee onboard comfort at low speeds and on rough waters.
Poppee’s dream – a dream on the verge of reality
10/26/07 1052 0
The latest project from Bray Yacht Design And Research Ltd. is a 135 ft. long-range motoryacht designed for a client with a passion for diving. It is an update to the owner’s currently somewhat smaller yacht, replacing it for trips from Louisiana south to the Caribean and on down to Belize. The vessel will have an 18 knots cruise speed and 3000 mile range and will be built in aluminium.
Vripack designs straight forward 164' motor yacht
10/25/07 889 0
The whole design of this 164’ Motor Yacht shows she is designed for an experienced yacht owner family which has a passion for fair timeless yacht lines. But do not be fooled as this steel yacht with aluminium superstructure has a modern full 32ft maximum beam, a 10ft draught, a 68ft height above DWL with a 630 mt displacement. Once built, her gracious appearance can not be missed.