Alexandra K - available for charter Alexandra K
Number of guests12
Winter69,000 €
Summer77,000 €
Alexandra - available for charter Alexandra
Number of guests12
Winter165,000 €
Summer215,000 €
Mikrovio - available for charter Mikrovio
Number of guests6
Winter20,000 €
Summer24,000 €
Buzz - available for charter Buzz
Number of guests9
Winter45,000 €
Summer49,000 €


Bandido 75 - for sale Bandido 75
Number of guests8
Price2,650,000 €
MS 33 - for sale MS 33
Number of guests8
Price7,000,000 €
Angel 42M - for sale Angel 42M
Number of guests20
Price9,000,000 €
Angel 51M - for sale Angel 51M
Number of guests10
Price19,000,000 €

Van dam nordia presents their new flagship, the 120' performance cruiser
5/19/08 949 0
The new Performance Cruiser range of the Van Dam Nordia shipyard has proven to be a successful concept even far before the launch of the first yacht.
The exclusive 76, the yacht of dreams
5/15/08 1075 0
The construction of the Exclusive 76, a maxi-catamaran for long distance cruising, is continuing at the VIP/Composites yard in Olonne-sur-Mer (85) on France’s Atlantic coast. This twin-hulled yacht will soon emerge from the workshops to pass directly into sea trials, prior to heading to the large international boat shows.
Aegean 177 new built sold
5/12/08 1520 0
Aegean Yacht has announced the sale of the hull of 54m three masted goulette of a project Aegean 177. Peter Thompson from Cavendish White Co. was the selling broker in the deal.
Supercatamaran hemisphere will set a record
4/8/08 1178 0
Hemisphere (formerly Project GEMINI), designed by naval architects Van Peteghem Lauriot Prévost (VPLP) and built by Derecktor Shipyards in Bridgeport, Connecticut is on course to be delivered towards the latter part of this year.
Sabdes 50 – a discovery in the yachting world
4/3/08 1172 0
The newest SABDES design comes in the form of a 50 metre (164') Superyacht that goes against the 'bigger is more impressive' yacht trend, instead focusing on producing an exciting, stylish, advanced luxury yacht, efficient in fuel and emissions, with an intent to be environmentally sensitive in both the vessel's building and cruising life.
4/2/08 1342 0
Sunreef Yachts announced the second order in two months for a superyacht in the Sunreef series.
Dauphin 180’ new build sold
3/31/08 921 0
This is to announce that Hull #125 of the 55m Warwick project (Dauphin 180') has been sold to Indian interest. Yachting Partners International broker Mike Rich was the selling broker of this deal.
Cnb 86 designed by philippe briand
3/11/08 1436 0
Philippe Briand has designed a new 86’. This aluminium sailing yacht is currently under construction at the Chantier C.N.B. in Bordeaux. She is to be launched in May 2009.
New horizon's special elevator
3/7/08 980 0
Lift Emotion BV is proud to announce that they received the order for the delivery of a special half round marine elevator for the project “New Horizon” by Trinity.
Wally 101 and wally 100.3 under construction
3/6/08 856 0
The two 100 footers are under way at WallyEurope facility: the hull of the Wally 100.3 has been de-moulded and turned, and the hull of the Wally 101 has been repositioned.