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Sunreef yachts launches a new motor yacht brand – blue reef yachts

Sunreef Yachts, the specialist in construction of luxury custom-made catamarans has launched Blue Reef Yachts, a new brand on the motor yachts market specializing in medium-sized practical and rational monohull power yachts.

In response to demanding clients with a passion for traversing the seas, BLUE REEF will offer a range of timeless, comfortable and easy to handle yachts without crew designed by top experts harnessing the full experience and know-how developed to date by Sunreef.

This Blue Reef Yachts creation is the result of a strategic partnership between Sunreef Yachts and CDR Yachting based in France, Bordeaux. The company was founded by a team of experienced and internationally acclaimed specialists in the motor yacht field who have developed the majority of models from the Couach motor yachts range. CDR Yachting will lend its expertise in the design and sales of this new power yachts range. The team composed of Pierre Couach, ex sales director at the Couach shipyard, Vincent Duchatelet , naval architect and Franck Reynaud, exterior and interior designer have launched hundreds of motor yachts over the last twenty years, which is the guarantee of the future joint success of this venture.

Both companies have noticed that the demand for boats that are technically reliable, aesthetically elegant and destined to navigate in comfort without a large crew is still unsatisfied. This is the reason why they have decided to join forces and form a partnership launching a new range of yachts, an offer geared towards owners wanting to explore the Mediterranean and traverse the seas docking at small, local marinas that cannot accommodate large superyachts.

In answer to the new client priorities in search of more reliable boat in terms of volume and fuel consumption, CDR Yachting has chosen the Sunreef shipyard as its partner, which is renowned for its efficient, seaworthy catamarans that are logically designed to live on the sea. “With Blue Reef Yachts we are going back to the origin of pleasure boating which is a true maritime navigation experience connected with the joys of discovering the world aboard one's own exclusive boat,” says Pierre Couach, CDR Yachting's president.

The Sunreef Yachts shipyard possess a fully qualified, experienced workforce, the know-how and all the modern construction technologies necessary to build yachts from advanced composites or aluminium. The shipyard will be building yachts conceived and developed by CDR Yachting. “We are very glad to have this opportunity to cooperate with such a professional team that has so many interesting ideas for truly functional yachts with state-of-the-art technology on board. These kinds of yachts are hard to come by on the market which has evolved more towards excess in many aspects. Our experience is that there are many clients that are looking for a yacht just like Blue Reef,” claims Nicolas Lapp, Sunreef Yachts vice president.

Both partners share the same vision for creating and providing an ideal yachting experience thanks to their extensive exchanges with clients during their business activities. Both companies are pursuing the ambition of giving back to the client the true pleasure of private, independent navigation.

The very first yacht in the range currently being developed by CDR Yachting is the Blue Reef 85' – an 85' motor yacht with marine hull, highly efficient for cruising speeds of 20 knots with 20-30% reduced fuel consumption in comparison with other yachts of the same size. The on-board space will be optimised in order to provide comfortable, ergonomic and luxury interiors. The compact exterior space is designed to ensure easy operation and anchorage in small ports, which are ever so prevalent in the Mediterranean. The first units are due to be launched in Winter 2010.

An exhaustive presentation of the Blue Reef 85' project with the full range that will follow suit will take place at the Cannes International Boat Show in September 2009 where the CEO's of both companies will be available for consulting and interviewing.

For more information, please contact:

Tel: + 48 601 315 206

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wowwww it is soooooo fantastic stylish design. really i love it keep going and i see the 3d model near for the reality. please can i know the person who do this desgin and please i want to contact with u. keep going man   more»

rocco d\'aiuto:
gradirei ricevere informazione, concatalogo o con cdroom, delle Vostre nuove imbarcazzione. anticipatamente Vi ringrazio della vostra disponibilit? e gentilezza. Rocco D'Aiuto via A. Diaz,10 bitritto bari 70020 italy   more»