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Dauntless Shipyard

Brewer Dauntless Shipyard was named after one of the late-1800s America's Cup yachts, the schooner Dauntless. Essex (one of the "Best Small Towns in America") is tucked into the west bank of the Connecticut River five miles from Long Island Sound. The Connecticut River provides a number of coves and inlets, such as Hamburg Cove and Selden's Creek to explore by boat

Essex, a quiet 300 year old village, hosts a selection of boutiques, specialty shops, a waterfront park overlooking the Connecticut River, and historic restaurants. One of the oldest settlements in Connecticut, Essex got its shipbuilding start in 1720, producing schooners for the West Indies trade. By the early 1800s, Essex had become a major shipbuilding center. It's historic Steamboat Dock, now the Connecticut River Museum, a National Register site, provides exhibits about the marine heritage of the Connecticut River and the lower river valley.

Whether utilizing Brewer Dauntless Shipyard for its superior service or using the Shipyard as your homeport; your boat will receive the best care, while you and your family will enjoy one of the 'best' towns in America

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