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Cantieri Navali Lavagna

Cantieri Navali di Lavagna (Lavagna Boatyard) have announced numerous novelties in the Admiral hulls range, including among these, the new 33-metre boat which will be officially presented at the next Genoa Boat Show. This is a new generation design with regards to both the hull and the upper works. The hydrodynamic research, from which the definitive water lines were created, has been carried out by the Bacigalupo Firm; with regards to the layout of the interiors, the design is the work of the architect Laura Baldoni De Gorga. The work in tandem between the Bacigalupo Firm and the boatyard technicians has produced a high performance hull, in line with the objectives at the preliminary phases of the project. The motorization anticipated for the Admiral 33 is composed of two MT?s of 2,285 HP each, with which the boatyard guarantees high level performance and range, in line with the hull's capacity. The interiors have been made entirely with precious wood materials combined with light-coloured fabrics in order to create a sober yet elegant atmosphere at the same time. Taking account of the requirements of anyone choosing a motor yacht of these dimensions, the boatyard has fitted the Admiral 33 with two generators of 33KW each, plus a generator of 25KW, a desalinator, a water softener, a "bacteria removing" device and a sewage treatment system, all of which allows for complete autonomy of the yacht during long voyages. The C.N.L. Group, to which Cantieri Navali Lavagna and Cantieri Navali Liguri di Riva Trigoso belong, is the owner of the prestigious Admiral and Ghibli trademarks. One of the main characteristics of all craft produced by the C.N.L. Group is the construction material used for the hull and upper works, which are made of 5083 aluminium alloy. This choice allows for the production of double structural bottoms, thanks to which it's possible to load large quantities of fuel and water whilst maintaining a low centre of gravity, to the advantage of stability properties.

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