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Breaux Brothers Enterprises, Inc.

Founded in 1983 to build aluminum boats, we specialize in custom built vessels, built to the Owner's requirements and specifications. Breaux Brothers Enterprises, Inc. draws upon literally lifetimes spent building aluminum boats. We are not just a family owned boat building firm, we are on the job every day and are involved in every aspect of the operation. We have a long-standing favorable reputation with the boat industry throughout the world. Our vessels are extremely well built and highly regarded by the industry and by the U. S. Coast Guard and the ABS.

Vance and Ward Breaux's experience was derived from working their way up from the bottom of their father's business. During their early, teenage years, both Vance and Ward worked in all phases of the boat building industry. At a very early age both men had to become knowledgeable, and if possible proficient in sandblasting, welding, tacking, fitting, rigging, painting grinding, carpentry, wiring, piping, and all vital areas of the construction of a vessel.

When Vance and Ward finished high school, their level of involvement in boat building increased. Vance attended USL majoring in Architecture. His transfer to the office put him into the inventory and cost control area of the business. At Breaux Brothers Enterprises, Inc. Vance's area of expertise is in the designing of the boats and sales.

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