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Bay Ship & Yacht Co.

Founded in 1977 by Bill Elliott, Bay Ship & Yacht Co. is in its 27th year in business on the West Coast. The company is headquartered in Alameda, California with a second facility in Richmond.

Twenty years ago, Bay Ship & Yacht was primarily in the business of wooden shipbuilding. Bill and his crew developed a specialty in the construction and repair of wooden ships. They traveled around the country setting up shop wherever there was a wooden ship to be built or repaired. The company quickly became recognized as one of the foremost wooden ship specialists in the world. In 1988, Bay Ship, with Melbourne Smith, constructed the 120 Niagara, a replica of Commodore Perrys flagship from the War of 1812, the largest wooden square-rigger built in this country during the last half-century.

Today, Bay Ship & Yacht is a full service ship repair company, committed to providing the finest crew of experienced craftsmen in the ship repair business; specialists in modern ship repair of cargo vessels, tankers, tugs, barges, ferries and fishing vessels. Bay Ships Alameda shipyard has evolved into a state of the art facility. People continue to be its most valuable asset; currently, 250 skilled craftsmen with a broad range of expertise are employed from within the local community.

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