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ABD Aluminum Yachts

ABD is Western Canadas most renowned aluminum yacht builder. Owners Alan Dawson and Burton Drody provide more than 45 years of combined experience to the aluminum shipbuilding industry.

Burton and Alan founded ABD in 1987, and quickly attained a solid reputation for their premium quality and integrity. During this time ABD has manufactured 59 commercial and pleasure yachts, including the assembly of three 450 catamaran ferries.

ABD works closely with owners and architects to build custom vessels. They have also developed, and are building a series of appealing 72 Production Trawlers. They believe that aluminum is the best construction material; however they will build this vessel in steel with an aluminum superstructure to a special order. ABD runs a very low overhead operation. This, with the help of a favorable exchange rate enables them to deliver premium quality yachts at desirable prices.

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