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Barcos Deportivos SL

BD Barcos Deportivos Shipyard is located in Tarragona on the north-eastern Spanish coast, ideally located between the Balearic islands, southern France and the west of Italy. With unbeatable weather conditions, a solid infrastructure and a high industrial development it is a perfect setting for yacht construction. The Yard The yard includes three construction sheds with the capacity for motor and sailing yachts of up to 80 metres in length and is composed of two divisions: Light Alloy and Composite. Light Alloy Division: The sheds of the Alloy Division allow for two yachts up to 42 m. (130) or one up to 80 m. (250). The workforce is skilled in luxury yacht boatbuilding and all the welders are class certified. Established in Tarragona since 1963, our partner, Schwartz-Hautmont, is one of the leading European companies in steel and aluminium construction. We use modern techniques to build with light alloys of high mechanical properties, together with radiography and other systematic control tests. This means great performance for your yacht and access to higher-class notations. Composite Division: The Composite Division can accommodate up to three 30 m. (100) units in different production stages. Using state-of-the-art technology (heat cured, vacuum consolidated, pre-preg sandwich construction) we are able to build to the highest standards. Our partner TRIMARINE Advanced Marine Projects, Ltd, formed in 1995 and headed by Fernando Sena, offers BD its shipbuilding services. A highly qualified team with years of experience in advanced composites boatbuilding and top racing projects, as well as process engineering, demonstrates that modern one-off techniques are akin to traditional craftsmanship. In both Divisions we specialise in fulfilling any owners desire right down to the smallest detail, however complicated, with highest quality and the most advanced design and production techniques.

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