Alexandra K - available for charter Alexandra K
Number of guests12
Winter69,000 €
Summer77,000 €
Alexandra - available for charter Alexandra
Number of guests12
Winter165,000 €
Summer215,000 €
Mikrovio - available for charter Mikrovio
Number of guests6
Winter20,000 €
Summer24,000 €
Buzz - available for charter Buzz
Number of guests9
Winter45,000 €
Summer49,000 €


Bandido 75 - for sale Bandido 75
Number of guests8
Price2,650,000 €
MS 33 - for sale MS 33
Number of guests8
Price7,000,000 €
Angel 42M - for sale Angel 42M
Number of guests20
Price9,000,000 €
Angel 51M - for sale Angel 51M
Number of guests10
Price19,000,000 €

7/26/13   Views 944   "www.vripack.com"
Admiral Tecnomar - Yachting Hub of The Italian Sea Group is pleased to present "ENVY", the first series of semi-displacement yacht branded Tecnomar, developed with the Dutch Studio VRIPACK.

   Vripack is a Studio that works on the cutting edge of design and technology, the fundamental values of the brand Tecnomar. The project was developed with a preliminary analysis of Tecnomar potential customers and with the identification of categories of people with a "dynamic" and "glamour" lifestyle.
  The result was a particularly innovative yacht model that provides a beach opening on 3 sides (to create an extremely wide beach area for the category) and a central atrium of great architectural impact that captures the sunlight filtering through the full height wide windows.
  Combining architecture and engineering various activities of "brainstorming" and freehand sketches have been set between Admiral Tecnomar and Vripack. The result is an advanced design, smooth and eye-catching external lines, a young, elegant and sporty look.
  The Vripack LDL hull, characterized by a circular bow and the simple geometric shapes of the hull give the yacht a particularly fresh and dynamic aspect.
To combine the request for transparency and personalization, all decks revolve harmoniously from top to bottom, from inside to outside. Interiors and exteriors have the same importance and for this reason they have been designed both for nightlife glamour and relaxing days.
  ENVY is built with hull and superstructure in aluminum. Tecnomar is offering an Envy 3, 4 and 5 which measure 33, 40 and 50 meters respectively. ENVY will be officially presented at the Monaco Yacht Show 2013.

Designer: Vripack
Naval architect: Vripack
Builder: Tecnomar
Length: 49,90 m (164 ft)
Beam: 8,60 m (28 ft)
Materials: Aluminium/Aluminium
Engines: 2x MTU 12V4000 M63, 1500kW@ 1800rpm