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     Do you need to have proactive support in design, better fit for assembling building kits, increase productivity and decrease building time? These and other solutions can be achieved, due to the combination of 2 specialised companies. As Naval Architects, Marine Engineers and Consultants, Vuyk Engineering is firmly established in the national and international shipping and shipbuilding sector. An important branch is the (mega) yacht building. With the aid of modern 3D-engineering software concepts of the naval architects are being transformed into constructions that are fast and cost efficient to build by the shipyard. Through the years, the range of services has been extended and consists at the moment of the complete range from initial pre-design to the input for cutting and bending machines. 

     Having more then 30 years of experience, Centraalstaal BV is proven to be the best constructional building kit producer in its branch. Specialist in producing kits, made to fit in Steel or Aluminium via automated processes, will cause the delivery and cost price to decrease drastically.

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