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     Tripp Design is a team of degreed Naval Architects, Marine Engineers, and Planners specializing in the design and engineering of modern yachts. Our goal is to design boats of distinct character, with the best handling and seagoing characteristics, for our client's enjoyment. We prefer creative projects, and enjoy working with clients in the creative process.

     The firm was founded in 1984 by William H. Tripp, III (B.E. in Naval Architecture, University of Michigan), son of William H. Tripp Jr., the designer of such well known yachts as the Bermuda 40. We long ago developed a reputation for fast boats for both ocean and buoy racing, yet some of our most intensive efforts have been the design and engineering of the wide variety of composite and aluminum sailing and motor yachts you see on these pages.

     Technology ranging from materials to systems to rigs is changing the style and abilities of modern boats. This allows us to design boats of greater character. Boats are both art and science; in yachts design, the language of the art is Naval Architecture and Structural Engineering. Our engineering experience assures both a sound project and successfully developed new ideas. Over the last ten years, we have developed working relationships with interior stylists, project managers, hydrodynamicists and universities. The relationships help us access state-of-the-art ideas across the range of design and comfort considerations. Being able to make the most out of the materials and technology allows us to create a better project from the bottom up.

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