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     The founding of the HAMANN AG expresses the great success of the Hamann Family developing their products for ship-building with an emphasis on sustaining nature.

     The acceptance on the market which HAMANN AG experiences, proves that being economic and reliable goes along with obeying the law and protecting our environment.

     Topics such as Emission Control and Ballast Water Treatment certainly will be of importance in the near future so that we created individual units for them, which perfectly fit into the Hamann concept.

     Hamann Metalltechnik allows you to accomplish your visions of pipeworks,  kitchen drains, tanks in steel  316 Ti or other material.

     Even today after more than 30 years there are still manuals and spare parts available for all delivered products of HAMANN AG. This shows our great tradition of satisfying our clients`needs in a longterm partnership.

     The transfomation into the HAMANN AG has taken  place in  2004. The new and extended structure of HAMANN AG moved into a new building in 2004 and is ready to serve your needs.

Контактная информация:

  • Страна: Германия
  • URL: www.hamannag.com
  • E-mail: