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     High Modulus is the leading composite engineering consultancy specialising  in the marine field employing over twenty marine engineers and naval architects.

     High Modulus was established with the aim of transferring high technology composites developed for the aerospace and defence industries to commercial marine markets. From its beginnings in New Zealand in 1979 the company has grown to a staff of more than forty, with offices in Auckland, Hamble (UK) and France.

     High Modulus Europe was founded in 1995 by senior engineering staff from the New Zealand office. Operating independently, with no material sales function, we have both a wealth of international experience in composite design and complete flexibility to meet any design challenges. We now work on in excess of 70 projects a year in a huge variety of yards. Design services include CAD construction drawings, FEA analysis, materials testing, rig design and Scantling Authority submissions.

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  • Страна: Великобритания
  • URL: www.high-modulus.com
  • E-mail:

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