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     Vitters Shipyard is a well established and respected custom yacht builder situated in The Netherlands. The facility opened in 1990 and has delivered an impressive list of yachts, working with top designers, of up to 180 feet in length. The main objectives of Vitters are to build top quality yachts, improving with each project, and to provide a comprehensive follow up service so that each yacht is maintained in good order throughout its life. Quality build, at Vitters, means “Exceeding what the client expects”. The team closely monitors the quality in every detail, whether that be technical finish or performance, to ensure the full satisfaction of the owner. Even at the top end of the market, it is possible to improve with every yacht that is built. Therefore, we challenge our team to make each yacht better than the previous one, and from the outset every individual is motivated to push their work to a higher level. A rigorous internal quality control and inspection procedure ensures results in both process and end product. Service and support are vital during the lifetime of a yacht. Service and support are a priority at Vitters and we provide full assistance and take a proactive approach to ensure each yacht is kept operable, wherever in the world, to the satisfaction of her owner, guests and captain.  

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  • Страна: Нидерланды
  • URL: www.vitters.com
  • E-mail: