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Bellingham Marine Europe Ltd

Bellingham Marine is the world leader in marina dock (or pontoon as they say in Australia and New Zealand) design, manufacture, and construction. We've earned this reputation because our marina systems are designed and engineered to meet the specific needs of each project we undertake--simply because we understand that each marine environment is unique. We've been setting the standards since the 1950's, so it's no wonder we're recognized as the innovative leader in the industry. Whether it's construction of concrete floats, covered moorage, attenuators, drystacks, breakwaters or any other phase of marina construction, Bellingham Marine's team has literally hundreds of years of combined experience in providing state-of-the art marinas and marina related facilities.

Our team approach allows us to work closely with engineers, permitting agencies, owners and operators to assure that the project objectives are met. Planning and managing your project from more than one perspective is just one of our keys to success.


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