Luna - доступна в чартер Luna
Длина 115m
Гостей 22
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Turama - доступна в чартер Turama
Длина 116m
Гостей 70
Зима 630,000 €
Лето 630,000 €
Alexander - доступна в чартер Alexander
Длина 122m
Гостей 80
Зима 630,000 €
Лето 630,000 €
Serene - доступна в чартер Serene
Длина 134m
Гостей 24
Зима 3,750,000 €
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Чартер: Лето 45,000 € / Зима 30,000 €
Местоположение: Лето Неизвестно / Зима Неизвестно
Серия: Моторная суперяхта
Длина: 26.5m (86.94ft)
Ширина: 6.44m (21.13ft)
Осадка: 1.15m (3.77ft)
Гостей: 8
Верфь: Aicon Yachts
Дизайнер: -

Aicon 85’Fly reflects a totally innovative mega yacht concept, with a contemporary design that enhances functionally in all spaces, emphasised with outstanding levels of care lavished on even the smallest through an emphasis on the clever manipulation of shapes and spaces. The fluid forms stand out in the slim profile to create an aesthetic unit of hull, sides and rollbar. Sailing on board a fly bridge is always a special experience. The Aicon 85 Fly’s interior layout is designed and constructed to draw the eye through a perfectly continuous space, while each zone retains its autonomy and stylistic and conceptual balance.

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