Luna - available for charter Luna
Length 115m
Number of guests 22
Winter on request
Summer on request
Turama - available for charter Turama
Length 116m
Number of guests 70
Winter 630,000 €
Summer 630,000 €
Alexander   - available for charter Alexander
Length 122m
Number of guests 80
Winter 630,000 €
Summer 630,000 €
Serene - available for charter Serene
Length 134m
Number of guests 24
Winter 3,750,000 €
Summer on request


Bandido 75 - for sale Bandido 75
Length 24m
Number of guests 8
Price 2,650,000 €
MS 33 - for sale MS 33
Length 33m
Number of guests 8
Price 7,000,000 €
Angel 42M - for sale Angel 42M
Length 42m
Number of guests 20
Price 9,000,000 €
Angel 51M - for sale Angel 51M
Length 51m
Number of guests 10
Price 19,000,000 €

7/11/06 5870 0
With 95 super and mega yachts, 530 exhibitors, 8000 square metres of stands and more than 22,000 visitors, the Monaco Yacht show today unites the most prestigious companies from the yachting industry. Seduced by the event's success and prestige, big luxury names have also joined MYS in the past few years like for example Mercedes-Benz, Baccarat and the watch making manufacture Blancpain, who for the last seven years has designed a limited series MONACO Y.S. watch for each event.
4/5/06 3154 0
For the second year running, the global superyacht order book has risen by more than 20% - to be exact 21.3%, increasing from 348 in 2005 to 422 in 2006. Whether this buoyant base can be sus­tained at these record levels for the future only time will show. Of the 422, over 240 are due to be delivered in 2006, but with yachts gen­erally getting bigger, and the fluctuating price of steel along with the value of the dollar, the influence of such factors will be watched closely through this year. Europe continues to account for about two-thirds of the newbuild market with a full amount of 282 contracts, or 66.8% of the total -a rise of just 0.4% year on year. The Americas saw its share go up from 18.7% in 2005 to 19.4% in 2006 with 82 contracts. In contrast, the share of the rest of the world fell 1.1% to 13.8%, with 58 contracts.
2/14/06 3773 1
Let’s start with a few statistics: 10,000+ yachts over 24m (about 80ft.) that require professional crew. 87% of the world’s yachts are registered in the Cayman Islands (Red Ensign) 90% of these are owned by US nationals. There are 14 miles of new builds underway in 25 countries (the most ever!) Of the top 200 yachts in the world the smallest is 178 ft. Current average build length is 114 ft. There is already a shortage of qualified personnel to fill the positions available. The increased enforcement of manning level regulations plus the number of new builds add up to an even greater job pool for accredited candidates.
2/7/06 3136 0
Keeping superyachts afloat in a sea of rules and regulations is a hard task for today`s captains. At one time yachting was a pure escapism – a carefree pastime with which aficionados could break free from the mundane restrictions of life ashore. There were no rules and no licences, so you could do pretty much what you liked without fear of some inspector descending to tell you that your actions were illegal or unduly dangerous. Now every captain faces toward very complete legal codes.
10/25/05 3903 0
Bannenberg Designs has recently completed the re-fit of the guest areas on 51-meter motor yacht Feadship Illusion. The project consisted of the interior re-fit of the yacht, originally built in the 1980's.
10/28/05 25028 13
Just how many yachts does a Russian billionaire need? Answer: as many as he wants. That seems to be the case with Roman Abramovich, the owner of Chelsea football club, who is planning to build the biggest private yacht in the world — even though he owns three of the largest already afloat. According to well informed sources in marine circles, Abramovich has placed an order for a yacht more than 550 feet long. He already has "Pelorus" and "Le Grand Bleu", with length 377 and 370 feet accordingly.
10/21/05 3068 0
The 46th Fort Lauderdale International Boat Show is right on schedule for its opening on October 27, 2005.